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Replenished Roots

Seed Cycling set

Seed Cycling set

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It’s simple. 

Seed cycling is a gentle way of supporting your hormones using various seeds throughout different phases of your menstrual cycle. This holistic approach utilizes the nutrients naturally existing in specific seeds to tenderly assist the female reproductive and endocrine system in healing imbalances.

Our bodies are ever-changing; we have different needs at different times of the month. Seed cycling not only aids in hormone production and regulation, it also creates the awareness of the changes occurring. Once we start paying attention to those fluctuations, we learn how to better support ourselves.  

When we step back into our roots as women (& menstruating bodies), we are reclaiming the awareness and power of the divine feminine. Seed cycling can be viewed as a way to honor just that as well as practice self-love with the intention of healing and harmonizing the body's systems that work synergistically, inside and out. 

Some of the benefits of seed cycling include:

  • Helps balance hormone levels

  • Combats hormonal-related acne

  • Provides relief to PMS and perimenopause symptoms

  • Creates stability around irregular periods

  • Stimulates menstruation (if absent or what’s known as amenorrhea)

  • Supports fertility health

  • Adds support in healing more serious conditions like ovarian cysts, PCOS and endometriosis

  • Great source of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fiber

  • Helps relieve water retention

Directions:  Follicular Phase: (Day 1 of cycle to day 14) - Consume 1 TBSP of flax seeds + 1 TBSP of pumpkin seeds or 2 TBSP of the Follicular blend.  Luteal Phase: (Day 15 - day 28 or start of your cycle) - Consume 1 TBSP of sesame seeds + 1 TBSP of sunflower seeds or 2 TBSP of the luteal blend.  

Because these seeds are high in fats, they can easily oxidize when left in the sunlight and warmer temps. Please keep seeds stored in a cool, dark place, or store in the fridge (or freezer but portion as needed).

We always use organic raw seeds (unroasted, unsalted/seasoned) to ensure maximum medicinal properties.

Seeds blends should be consumed in their raw form (not cooked) as heat can cause seeds to run rancid. If topping seeds on cooked meals, allow time for food temperature to settle. 

Seeds pair well as an oatmeal topping, an avocado toast or nut butter toast topping, in yogurt, blended into a smoothie, on a salad (in dressing) or over sautéed vegetables.

We recommend easing into seed consumption slowly over a few days to give the body the space to adjust. 

It is also recommended to give this protocol about 3-4 months to allow change within the body. Nature can take its time!

For maximum health benefits, the practice of seed cycling should be combined with a healthy balanced diet, exercise and mindfulness.

The blends are not substitutions for medication or other health treatments.

Always work with a qualified healthcare practitioner before beginning any supplementation, especially if pregnant.

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