We know you want to
live a life that feels good.

And we believe intentional choices
can lead to radical transformation

Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

At Amberwing Apothecary, we connect you from skin to soul, and beyond.

We source high quality goods, consult on strategy, listen to your concerns, and recommend products that can truly deliver results. Why? There’s power in knowledge. We won’t leave you wondering why you should care about specific ingredients or how to read a label. Our goal is to equip and empower you to take back control of your own health and become your own advocate by giving you the right tools, support and resources.

We believe in an integrative approach to wellness that aligns your shopping experience with your health goals. That kind of approach gets long lasting results that are consistent and effective.

Hi, I’m Tiffany.


I’m a holistic wellness educator and enthusiast.

It all started when I was getting frustrated with my health conditions, one too many days in a row.

Staring at my medications (8 to be exact) that weren’t working. Countless doctor appointments and wasted time going to different stores just to get what I thought I needed…


And in 2010, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. On one hand, I felt somewhat relieved because it seemed as though there was finally an “explanation” to what I was experiencing…on the other hand, it still didn’t solve the deeper issues.

  • So my journey with holistic medicine and organic living began. With a background in healthcare followed by years of educating, experimenting and implementing holistic wellness practices in an effort to manage my chronic illness, I quickly learned how important overall health and wellness were to reducing symptoms and began feeling better than I ever had.

  • In 2021, I officially launched Amberwing Apothecary, partnering with small businesses/vendors to make the world of holistic living more accessible and transformative so that you can stop feeling eternally rundown and start putting your health and wellness back into your own hands.

I see you. I’ve lived through the discomfort of having no clue what I need, and no idea how to find it too.

What started off as a store for quality goods has grown into something so much bigger. Sure, lifestyle products are core to what we offer, but Amberwing Apothecary isn’t just about pretty products and nicer things…

It’s about giving you back your joy.

In a society filled with misleading information and generic healthcare advice, I’m on a mission to meet people in their overwhelm, and provide simple, strategic and lasting solutions.

New Here?

New Here And Ready To Begin Your Holistic Wellness Journey?

Check out the Founder’s Favorites for products that truly perform. Need personalized recommendations? My 1:1 Consulting service might just be perfect for what you’re looking for.


Shopping For A Special Someone?

I cannot recommend our Seasonal Subscription Boxes enough. Each box comes with an average of 7 seasonal products that are clean, organic and non-toxic. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, sister, a male figure in your life, or even for yourself, our boxes are curated with you in mind, making shopping and self/home care easy and effective!

Hormone Balancing

Seeking Help With Hormones And Imbalances?

Did you know liver health is one of the most common diseases that affect your health? Liver is where all the magic of the human body happens. When it is unhappy or unsupported (think congested, overworked) - the chain reactions of symptoms begin. If this is you, our Liver Tonic Tea or Mushroom Medley adaptogenic tonic is a  great place to start!