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Here, we aim to foster a strong and supportive community centered around healthy living, sustainable practices, and overall well-being. We believe in the power of connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing knowledge, and supporting one another on our wellness journeys.

On this page, you will find valuable resources and information about local farms, trusted clinicians, healers, and providers in the VA/Loudoun area that we trust as well as a section for Community Voices where you can ask questions and connect with other like-minded people.

supporting local

We are passionate about supporting local agriculture and promoting healthy, sustainable food sources. That's why we choose to shop at local farms and encourage others to do the same. Here's why local farms have become an integral part of our food journey:

Mission and Standards:

Local farms have a clear mission and high standards when it comes to working the land and caring for their animals. We believe in regenerative practices that prioritize the well-being of the animals, leading to healthier products for us to consume. After all, we are what we eat!

Transparency and Knowledge:

When you shop at local farms, you have the opportunity to connect directly with farmers who are more than willing to answer any questions you may have. From what the animals are fed to their care, you can have peace of mind knowing where your food comes from. We believe in the importance of understanding and ensuring the purity of the food we consume.

Truly Clean Sources:

Unfortunately, many grocery stores don't offer truly clean sources of meats, milk/dairy, or eggs. That's why we have made the switch to sourcing our food directly from local farms. By doing so, we ensure that our food is as pure as possible, free from unnecessary additives and chemicals.

Local Farms

Here are some local farms in the VA  area that we trust:

  • Hilltop Farm

    Hillsboro, VA

    Offers a variety of pasture raised beef and pork products

    Hill Top Farm is a family farm that Trent and his family took over three years ago! The property has been around since 1787 and is full of charm, history, and quiet beauty. What once was an old dairy farm and orchard has since become a thriving and lively pig and cattle farm! Both of their families have farming backgrounds, so this way of life came to them naturally and they were able to pick up where they left off growing up.

    Originally, Hill Top was only selling their animals as breeders, but eventually decided to start giving pork and beef to our friends and family - and now to you! Hilltop's family was tired of only having poor-quality meat options at the grocery stores and not knowing what exactly was going into our food, so they (thankfully!) decided to make a change. By raising their own livestock and having a say in every step of the process, Hilltop is able to ensure their products are high-quality, healthy, and safe!

  • Scissortail Farm

    Round Hill, VA

    Offers fresh, pasture raised eggs, kid's agriculture camps and classes, goat yoga and more!

  • Endless Summer Harvest

    Purcellville, VA

    Offers gourmet lettuces and salad greens. Endless Summer Harvest is the premier grower of gourmet lettuces and salad greens in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. 


    Endless Harvest grows hydroponically in a high tech controlled agricultural environment in Northern Virginia, specifically, Purcellville.


    The farm's expertise is in providing delicious, locally grown, pesticide free produce, 365 days a year, for sale at farmers' markets, up-scale restaurants and specialty stores. 

    The future of farming here and now in Loudoun County!

  • Spring House Farm

    Another regenerative farm in Loudoun County, VA supplying everything from Meats and Poultry, local dairy, eggs, and more! Pet owners, they even do a fabulous 'Pet Grind', allowing your fur babies to live a healthy life just as you do! Shop online or pop into their self-serve farm store.

    Learn More 


Alongside our commitment to local farms, we also value exceptional practitioners who prioritize individual care and wellness. Below is a list of practitioners who are dedicated to their respective healing arts and genuinely care about each individual they work with.

  • Dr. David Dannels, D.C.

    Leesburg, VA

    Chiropractic with Acupuncture

  • DeBritt Ealey, L.Ac

    Herndon, VA

    Striving for Health

    Acupuncture, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT), Signature Facial Treatments, Gut Healing, Microneedling, and more!

    Striving for Health offers multiple holistic treatments that can help support every aspect of your health, wellness or beauty journey.  They strive to match the best treatment options with each individual’s needs to ensure the very best and most rapid results.  But ultimately, everything in the body is connected, there are NO isolated parts.

  • Drs. Anne and Dave Stewart, MD

    Leesburg, VA

    Loudoun Holistic Health Partners

    Loudoun Holistic Health Partners is a personalized medicine practice wherein patients contract directly with their provider for certain services, free of insurance constraints.

    In order to provide the highest quality health care to each member, we strictly limit the number of patients we accept to a level that is well below that of a standard insurance-based medical practice.

    As a member of Loudoun Holistic Health Personalized Medicine, you will enjoy enhanced physician and health care provider access, more thorough, personalized medical services and a range of benefits that is easily worth 5 times your investment.

  • Kate Deriso

    Herndon, VA

    Healer, Bodyworker, and Coach

    Bowen, Reiki, NLP & Time Line Therapies

    Kate is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a background in Orthopedic and Neurological Occupational Therapy.   Twenty-two years in the Occupational and Massage Therapy field in addition to working with multiple types of pain patterns and injuries has led her to an integration of advanced bodywork techniques and energy therapies that helps get clients out of pain as quickly as possible.  

    Kate is also a Certified NLP {Neurolinguistic Programming}, Time Line Therapy®, & Hypnosis Practitioner.

    She coaches women in their 40's & 50's who are finally ready to eliminate Negative Beliefs & Limiting Decisions that are holding them back from being their authentic self and creating the life of Health & Wellness that they desire.

  • Lisa Leach

    Organic Plum

    Esthetician with focus on clean and organic products, specializing in customized facials with a holistic approach. All treatments are about what your skin needs. Focused nutrition and healing energy to feed your skin and your soul..

  • Dr. Wilmer Melendez Negron


    Sports and Family Wellness Center

    Dr. Wilmer Melendez Negron (Dr. Will) is a Doctor of Chiropractic with a Sports Injury and Performance focus. His passion to treat and care for his patients and make sure that they can perform optimally in their regular activities is second to none. Dr. Will loves to live an active lifestyle which includes crossfit, brazilian jiujitsu, and the occasional Spartan race. He is a firm believer of training optimally, which includes understanding how to properly balance his work and lifestyle, how to tailor training through injuries to maintain an active lifestyle and understanding how to train in order to improve quality of life.

  • Dr. Ashley Figueroa Melendez


    Sports and Family Wellness Center

    Dr. Ash is a Doctor of Chiropractic with a Pre- and postnatal, and pediatric focus. Her passion and drive, is to treat and care for her patients and make sure their brains and body are functioning as optimally as possible. Dr. Ashley has a specific interest and focus in pregnant and postpartum mothers, so they can have an optimized outcome with pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period, as well as be able to function optimally during the changes happening with the pregnancy.

    Her other special interest and focus is pediatrics. Children from newborn to the teen years and beyond! Dr. Ash wants to ensure sure they are achieving milestones at the appropriate time as well as helping them integrate and neurologically develop what they need to be resilient kids, with the addition and benefit of helping with constipation, refluxes, colicky, and neurologically involved kids.

    She also cares for the whole family (yes, Dad included) as she looks at family as a whole and the different stressors affecting them.