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Qi Botanics

Renew Cleansing Powder

Renew Cleansing Powder

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Scent: Natural – No scent added

This custom formulated cleansing powder is a mild and nourishing facial wash that contains the healing properties of plants for a fabulous cleanse. 

This cleansing powder works great for all skin types. It offers a gentle cleanse that nourishes as it removes dead skin cells and increases circulation.  It is packed with organic herbs and nutrient-dense ingredients that are specifically selected for their calming, soothing, nourishing and moisturizing benefits to the skin.  The ingredients are designed to calm inflammation, support healthy skin function and enhance the complexion.  It can help to renew and maintain a healthy glow, while leaving the skin feeling silky soft and fabulous.

The herbs are selected for their high phytonutrient, vitamin, antioxidant, mineral, anti-inflammatory and general skin loving properties to heal and protect the skin.  Moisturizing benefits from honey, colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk and marshmallow are added to nourish the skin while gentle exfoliators like adzuki beans, orange peel and papaya extract are added to gently remove dead skin and reveal beautiful glowing skin.  Silk peptides are added to help promote and support production of proper protein, of which our skin is made.  Kaolin clay is perfect for any skin type since it is not drying, while chlorella and spirulina are an added detox bonus for the skin to protect from environmental factors.    

Directions: Pour about a quarter-size pile of powder onto the palm of your hand.  To assist with waste prevention, we've found adding the facial bar soap to your hands first, helps tremendously!  Slowly add a little water at a time and mix to the desired consistency and texture.  Apply to face and neck with a circular upward motion, then rinse with warm water.

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