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Refresh Cucumber Hydrating Mist

Refresh Cucumber Hydrating Mist

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This Organic Cucumber Hydrosol is lovingly made via a steam distillation of freshly picked cucumbers.  The natural scent is divine … clean, fresh and crisp.

Hydrosols are a wonderfully nourishing and healing toner for the skin.  Not familiar with hydrosols?  A hydrosol is typically made as a byproduct of essential oil distillation.  In the distillation process, steam is passed through plant material and the condensation is collected.  The oil is separated from the plant and will float on top, where the water portion that is distilled is the hydrosol.   Hydrosols share many of the healing properties of essential oils, but are safer to use, as they can be used directly on the skin, where most essential oils need to be cut in a carrier oil.  They also smell delicious!  Our hydrosol is made specifically for the hydrosol and is not just a by-product of essential oil production.

Hydrosols are about 30 times stronger than herbal teas, but gentler than essential oils, which makes them perfect for hydrating the face and body. 

During the distillation process minerals, bacteria, and toxins are naturally removed.  We re-mineralize the hydrosol with 72 trace minerals that your skin loves and needs.  Minerals are vital to healthy skin - for increasing cellular communication, strengthening cellular structure and for keeping the pH levels balanced on the skin.    

Cucumber hydrosol is known for its cooling, calming and regenerative effects on sensitive, damaged, or irritated skin.  It gently balances oil production and enhances skin tone to support a balanced complexion.  Perfect for all skin types.  

Directions: With eyes closed, hold the bottle about 6 to 10 inches from the face and spritz evenly. Follow with an application of your favorite facial oil while the skin is still moist.

It can be added to any cream or lotion to improve mineral content and hydration benefits.

It can be used anytime your skin needs a burst of hydration or a quick pick me up throughout the day.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Cucumber Hydrosol plus 72 trace minerals

Component Breakdown: Hydrosol: Organic Cucumber Hydrosol    Minerals: 72 trace minerals: including calcium, magnesium

Best Suited for: all skin types.

When to use Refresh Hydrating Mist? This is the third step from our 4-step facial collection.  We strive to offer a simple beauty regimen, that works great, with minimal steps.  This step is a quick way to hydrate and give the skin some much-needed anti-inflammatory benefits along with moisture and minerals.  The Refresh Hydrating Mist is to be applied after a serum.  Follow with the Nourish Nutrient Oil to lock in the hydrating properties of this mist.

Storage: Store out of direct sun.

  • Custom Formulated
  • Delightful to use
  • This is a vegan product
  • 100% natural and without parabens, petroleum, propylene, phthalates, BHA, carcinogens, ethanolamine compounds (MEA, DEA, TEA), nanomaterials, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, octinoxate, phenoxyethanol, artificial colors, flavors or fragrances. Our products are naturally scented from the plants and are NEVER tested on animals.


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