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Home Brewed Soaps

Citrus & Mint Scrub Beer Soap

Citrus & Mint Scrub Beer Soap

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This beer soap is packed with skin softening oils, odor fighting, invigorating essential oils and lots of exfoliants making this a great soap to have in any household!


Beer, Saponified oils of olive, avocado, coconut, and castor; Shea and cocoa butters; Essential oils of orange, lemongrass, and peppermint; Organic poppy seeds, pumpice, and orange peel.



- Natural Oils
- Recycled Kraft Boxes
- 3.5 oz
- Vegan
- Made with Home Brewed Beer
- Palm-Free


The poppy seeds, orange peel, and ground pumice help to remove dead skin cells while the essential oils help to wash away tough scents of garlic & onions!

How To Use

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